Connectors, Tools and Related Items

At Fiber Fields, our primary objective is to make the pass-through connectors, tools, and related items, at economical rates.

Fiber Fields – The Origin

Fiber Fields is owned and managed by Sabiha Azizi, who has been a technologist.

After going through the pain of crimping many bad ends, while preparing ethernet connector, our lead came across the pass-through technology, and it seemed like a blessing.

However, the prices of these items are quite high. Therefore, to help fellow technicians, Sabiha Azizi launched Fiber Fields around mid-2018. 




Our Mission

At Fiber Fields, our mission is to provide the best products and services to our customers. We aim to provide the highest quality products.

We wish to create a product line that is both affordable, as well as easy to use.

Ours is a small business, and therefore we do not incur heavy overhead costs. This helps us to keep the product price in control.

At Fiber Fields, we ensure that the quality of our products is not compromised.

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